Marion Cotillard in ‘Joan at the Stake’ for New York Philharmonic

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7 Responses

  1. Pushpak says:

    The video announcement can be seen here:

  2. nahuel says:

    All women are similar. They all have the “speech” of: men hurt us, men are empty of feeling, they are insensitive…But the reality is the otherwise, the men is the only one that makes something, that open his feelings, and the girl cryes lonely, dreaming about a savior will come, some day my Prince will save me…And they do Nothing, they does´t open her feelings, they only lamment, and take the role of “victims”. The lover will be tired of this Tale, and will forget them. When some day, they saw his savior with other girl, other life, a succes without her, maybe that day, the Princess will react and will take courage to get out of her casttle. Because Men want love, but is not Stupid.

  3. nahue says:

    Hello, when are the concerts? may we go to see the performances?? thanks for the information. Bye bye.

  4. Save Me (Cap ou pas cap!)

  5. nahuel says:

    ah, I saw the information already. I´dont bother anymore. Goodbye.

  6. nahuel says:

    Por QUé sos tan hermosa??

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