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  1. Silvana says:

    Please Marion Cotillard’s fans, you must twitt or comments in cinema websites begging to Weinstein Company realise the Immigrant this year in theatre to can fight to Oscar nominations, please DO IT!!! (make it on Indiewire, Awardsdaily, Variety, Hollywood reporter, entertainment weekly, etc)

  2. Nicolas says:

    i’m waiting for a date release too !!! Good idea Silvana !!

  3. Mia says:

    I think hijacking articles of journalists at the places mentioned above will do nothing but turn the very people who can create positive buzz about the movie against it. These people have no influence over the matter. I’ve already come across a statement of a journalist kind of saying that Marion Cotillard fans annoy him. So please only tweet, email or write to Radius-TWC – they’re the ones releasing the movie. Also the movie is doing quite the festival circuit – more and more festivals are announcing it on their line-up (in addition to New York also Zurich, Beirut and Napa Valley). This is certainly a positive sign :)

  4. sun says:

    hello, Mia? I always thank you for update!!
    ah, I have a question! Does marion’s dior contract finish? I have waited marion’s new f/w compaign photos, video…..but it hasn’t announced…T_T

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