Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

I added the video and HD screencaptures of Marion’s appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night – though it was recorded 2 weeks ago on December 6. It was as funny as those Ferguson interviews get, Marion was at ease and played along with his jokes and was goofing around. It’s really entertaining to watch – though actual content-wise there’s nothing new. Oh, and she looked really chic in that outfit and the bright red lipstick.

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2 Comments on “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”

  1. One of the funniest Cotillard-Ferguson interviews! I love the team they make x) Even if few things in those 10 minutes have any sense at all jaja

    “So why… What’s going on?” “I’m not entirely sure…” *Takes a banana* “Where does this come from?” “Well, when a man and lady banana love each other very much” BEST PART.

  2. I’ve just seen Rust and Bone. God! It was so good! Both Matthias and Cotillard are perfect. The “fireworks” scene where Cotillard reproduces her moves with the orcas my favourite one! 🙂

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