Tomorrow: 'Joan of Arc at the Stake' Live Webcast Only on

In just over 21 hours will broadcast Marion Cotillard’s performance in Arthur Honegger’s oratorio Jeanne au bûcher (Joan at the Stake). It’s a free event and only requires you to sign in. Be sure to register now (for free) and bookmark their website! It starts at 7pm Barcelona time – there’s a countdown on the website that should help you figure out when to log on.

Already on Monday, Marion Cotillard arrived in Barcelona, Spain, and met with conductor Marc Soustrot. Tuesday morning, she talked to the local press and then met with the orchestra and started rehearsals.

Marion Cotillard, passion on stage, La Vanguardia, November 9, 2012
This is actually only a Google translation. At some points it’s not making much sense. But it’s a very interesting read. She talks about the oratorio, performing it back in 2005 and how the last 2 times there were plans to reprise the role it didn’t work out (there are many people involved and it costs a lot of money). She also talked about money and art:

Do you know that in Spain the Government believes that the theater, music and film are not culture but entertainment?
It is very dangerous to make this consideration, it kills art and forces you to work with productivity in mind. Art is not profitable, but much more importantly, a way of life and expression that is a treasure.

And in France cut subsidies to culture …
There will always be artists who find ways to express themselves and to share with the audience. Sometimes crises renew art, I don’t see that lack of money from our government can kill our culture. I don’t think that an artist can’t speak without money. They always find other ways. Even in the worst financial crisis, art and culture never perish.

Marion Cotillard talking about Jeanne au bûcher on Radio Catalan RAC1, on November 13, 2012
[audio:|titles=El món on RAC1 (November 13, 2012)]

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4 Comments on “Tomorrow: 'Joan of Arc at the Stake' Live Webcast Only on”

  1. Uau! I can’t believe she’s so close! I live in a town 40 km away from BCN city… I even know the channel at which they’re interviewing her and the interviewers! I will absolutely be watching this tomorrow live (for once an event is scheduled at a decent hour)!! If I didn’t have tones of exams I would catch a train and go see her. Where does she perform?

    By the way, from now on, if you want to traduce anything from Spanish, I can help! 🙂 Just let me know and I will be happy to collaborate.

    See you and as always thanks for the time you invest in the website, it’s reaaaaaaally appreciated.

  2. She performs at the Auditori (official site). There are 2 concerts, the one on Sunday will be live on Radio (Catalunya Musica). Actually, I would love a proper translation of the Vanguardia interview 🙂 Whenever you have a moment. Thanks!! Email is mia [@]

  3. Her performance was absolutely amazing, and I would be thrilled if she were to do more stage work. I’ve always loved Marion as person, but finding out she was a brilliant actress beyond belief is pretty amazing!

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