TIFF interview: Marion Cotillard

from NOW Magazine (Toronto) / by Radheyan Simonpillai

Oscar winning star of Rust And Bone discusses her previous directors, glamour and the secret behind her enigmatic smile

Marion Cotillard amplified TIFF’s glam factor last night, gracing the Visa Screening Room’s red carpet for the Rust And Bone premiere.

I spoke to the enchanting actor hours before the gala, where she sang the praises of her co-star Matthias Schoenaerts (“Finally cinema has found him!”) and all the directors (from Michael Mann to Rust And Bone’s Jacques Audiard) who helped her create her memorable performances.

Sporting an off-white, sleeveless blouse and a long white skirt with black embroidery, the Oscar winner (for La Vie En Rose) moves around the room with the kind of delicacy reserved for royalty.

In Rust And Bone, a gritty Cote-d’Azur romance, Cotillard plays a beautiful orca trainer who loves being the centre of attention; the character is frequently dolled up and sporting short skirts… until a workplace accident changes her life forever.

Cotillard herself is no stranger to maintaining such appearances and holding people’s attention; she is the face of Dior, after all. However, she admits that staying paparazzi-ready can be an “annoying” job at times.

“My publicist asked me to go and take a plane with make-up on because I looked like shit,” says Cotillard. “That seemed really weird to me.”

Despite being annoyed by the demanding attention, especially when she wants to spend time to herself or with her family, Cotillard understands that such First World problems come with the territory.

“It’s not difficult,” she says. “Difficult is having no money to feed your kids. Difficult is something totally different. My life is amazing. I shouldn’t complain.”

Relishing the opportunity to take time away from the movies to spend with her son, Cotillard whispers these final words to me: “Nothing is hard if you do it with a smile.”


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