New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer

A new trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ was released earlier this week. It features an even briefer look at Marion Cotillard as mysterious Miranda Tate than the last trailer.

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3 Comments on “New 'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer”

  1. Hi Mia!! Do you know if Marion will attend the MET ball tonight? I know she is in New York for Blood Ties so why not!

  2. “Cotillard confirms that, contrary to some fans’ belief, she does not play Talia, the vengeful daughter of Liam Neeson’s character, Ra’s Al Ghul (who also appeared in Batman Begins), and that she takes the role of Miranda Tate, an ecologically minded businesswoman who “is fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She’s a good guy.” But does she stay that way? “Yes,” she insists.”

    lol. She really is a good “actress.”

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