Rumour: Marion to star in ‘Les Liens Du Sang’ remake ‘Blood Ties’

Screendaily has posted an article on this month’s American Film Market (AFM). One film which will be shopped around is Guillaume Canet’s US Remake of ‘Les Liens Du Sang’ now being called ‘Blood Ties’ (in which James Gray helped with the script).

The article states that Marion may be potentially starring in the project.

Sales company Wild Bunch are close to coming on to rep Canet’s project, and it’s said that Mark Wahlberg (who worked with Gray on both “The Yards” and “We Own The Night”) is circling the role of one of the brothers, with Cotillard and “Avatar” lead Zoe Saldana also linked to the film.

It also confirms that James Gray is planning to start filming ‘Low Life’ in January.

Source: The Playlist /Screendaily


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