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Oct 2011
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de Colibris / par Marion Cotillard Nous savons aujourd’hui que chacun de nous a un impact sur le monde dans lequel nous vivons, un impact bien réel. Nous avons individuellement le pouvoir de transformer notre société. Il faut que nous ayons l’humilité de reconnaître que nous ne sommes pas si bien organisés que ça. Et il est grand temps de retrouver le chemin de la cohérence Cette société dans laquelle

Oct 2011
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As on Tuesday, Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenarts continued to film for ‘Un goût de rouille et d’os‘ (Rust & Bone) on a private beach called Goéland in Cannes yesterday (source). Their characters Stéphanie and Ali were taking a dip in the ocean. Marion was seen sitting in a wheelchair and it was made to look as if she was wearing prosthetics from the knees downwards. Although the production was

Oct 2011
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I added a few additional pictures from October 5 when Marion Cotillard was rehearsing with the orca whales in Marineland at Antibes, France. Then you can also enjoy new pictures from last Saturday at the same place. It is currently unclear whether those were more rehearsals or actual filming took place. And then you can also see pictures taken in Cannes yesterday, where Marion Cotillard was seen filming scenes while

Oct 2011
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from French Cinema London / by Eva Dumontet For his first and much expected movie in the French capital – Midnight in Paris, in theatre on October 7th – Woody Allen needed more than an actress. Who else than the quintessential French icon Marion Cotillard could possibly play the part of Picasso’s muse? Midnight in Paris is probably the most dreamlike movie by the New York director. In this deliciously

Oct 2011
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While filming for ‘Un gouût de rouille et d’os‘ (Rust and Bone) caused a closure of the sea front road between Fort Carré and la Siesta from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. today (source), Marion Cotillard continued her training with the orcas at Antibes’ Marineland. I added a bunch of pics taken today to the gallery. 067 Un goût de rouille et d’os (Rust and Bone) – 2012 > Rehearsals,