Marion Cotillard spotted at Chateau Marmont

Posted by The Telegraph‘s Celia Walden last Thursday in an article about fashion at award shows and style in general:

With French women it’s the poise that grates… I decide this as I watch Marion Cotillard gliding about the Chateau Marmont restaurant in denim hotpants apparently bought from Baby Gap.

Style – as discussed – can be bought, learnt or imposed, intelligence is generally agreed to be a quaint, outmoded value, but poise – you either have it or you don’t. Cotillard has it, and from the way she’s walking around being thin all over the patio, she knows it.

Just as my companion and I – pink with envy – are about to drag our gazes away from the Oscar-winning actress, Cotillard reaches into a Moses basket, retrieves a perfect, Petit Bateau-clad, three-month-old child and starts burping it while ordering coffee and conducting a business meeting. “Maybe it’s not hers,” attempts my friend lugubriously. “Maybe,” I nod. “Maybe.”


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    1. In view of the fact that Marion Cotillard has an extreme dislike of paparazzi & especially the publication of their pictures Magnifique Marion Cotillard has never posted candids of Marion Cotillard that are not work related and will never post candids – especially not of Marcel.

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