TV Alert – The Daily Show – September 8

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6 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Can’t wait! I think Contagion opens on Sep 3rd at Venice – so hopefully she has a few weeks off The Dark Knight Rises to promote!

  2. Sairentu says:

    I hope she will visit Craig Ferguson as well. I love them together

  3. domive says:

    I think the same as Sairentu: I’m excited for the interview at “The Daily Show” but It will also be great to see her again with Craig Fergurson: I loved the confidence they had!

  4. Florian says:


    I do not know if you know but Marion has a new French project. This is a film by Jacques Audiard. Filming will take place in France in the city of Nice from 3 October and for a period of eight weeks. The title is : Un goût de rouille et d’os.


  5. Patrick says:

    Can’t wait!!! Looking forward to this :D

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