‘The Dark Knight Rises’ now filming in Pittsburgh

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5 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    I have a feeling that this “small part” in TDKR will involve her having more screen time than any part she’s played in an American film since winning the Oscar. Keep in mind that this film is going to run over two and a half hours. A “small part” to her likely means not a lead role, like the ones she’s had in French films. This “small role” business could just as easily be said about her roles in Nine, Public Enemies, Inception, Midnight in Paris, and likely Contagion. She’s already done filming in London. Now she’s filming in Pittsburg. Just how small could this part possibly be?

  2. SISSI says:

    marion is not a small role for me

  3. Aphrael says:

    But.. is Joseph Gordon Levitt in that Picture with Marion?

  4. cumulus says:

    This actually answered my problem, thanks!

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