'Contagion': New Release Date & Poster

Good news, the release date of Marion’s upcoming movie ‘Contagion‘ has been moved ahead 6 weeks. Instead of on October 21 it will now be released in the US on September 9, 2011 (source). Hopefully, also the release dates in other countries will be moved ahead.

TheFilmStage.com has a bad quality picture of the ‘Contagion‘ poster. Isn’t it amazing how many Academy Award winners & nominees are involved in this?


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  1. The poster indicate that the paper of marion in contagion is the forth (in order of importance). That would give us the following information:

    Matt damon (1) is the suffering husband because her wife
    Gwyneth paltrow (3) is ill… Because of that (the illness) she won’t appear in the movie as often as
    Kate Winslet (2) the leading doctor (Although maybe she would appear as supportin in the hole metrage), heading the team of
    Marion Cotillard (4) the supporting doctor that, although will have similar screen time than Winslet, will be obviusly more supporting and with a less important role…
    Completing the cast we see the informatic geek
    Jude Law [5] (Helping kate and cotillard to end with the virus) and
    Lawrence Fishburne [5], the boss doctor, that although having less screen time than the other will play an important role in the best supporting actor race, togheter with jude.

    That’s my interpretation. Of course, I hope Marion will have a more important role, but we don’t have to forget that little is not worse: we can hope a magnific performance from Marion in this movie… Or that’s what I hope… xD

  2. 2domive: Actually you can pretty easily find the screenplay and read it (as I did). If they don’t do major plot changes, Marion’s role is about third largest. And most definitely the largest of all the female roles.

  3. @Sairentu: Oh! It’s true! I hadn’t read the screenplay and now that I have done it, I see that (SPOILERS) Gwyneth dies and Matt Damon is putted in quarantine… That would mean that if kate doesn’t take too much time, marion can have a good space here… Great!

  4. i’ve read the screenplay and if it didn’t get major revisions, marion’s gonna have significant screen time. i’m certain she’s gonna shine here. the experiences orantes goes though is right up marion’s alley.

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