On a Dior Photoshoot in Paris Yesterday

Yesterday was Marion Cotillard’s first official sighting since giving birth to son Marcel 2 weeks ago. Looking nothing but stunning on a photoshoot for Dior in Paris. I think we can see Mario Testino on one of the pictures. It’ll be interesting to see what the pictures will be used for. For another Dior campaign or even a Vogue UK cover in the fall? One thing is certain though, the final photoshoot will look just great! (Source)

020 Other Work > Lady Dior > Unknown photoshoot – On Set, June 2, 2011


6 Comments on “On a Dior Photoshoot in Paris Yesterday”

  1. OMG! Though being so petite she probably carried all her weight in front like a little basketball 🙂

    It’s so nice to see her, feels like forever since she appeared in Morocco.

    I didn’t see Mario Testino in any shots – but I do hope you’re right about it being a possible mag cover shoot. I’m always disappointed by how little you see in the end result of the Lady Dior shoots. The main culprit being Lady Rouge. That b-t-s vid of Annie’s shoot looked amazing, yet we saw so little at the end.

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