New project: 'Low Life'

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7 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    Sounds like her first starring role in the U.S.

    The Dark Knight RIses will give her enough name recognition to make this film (with its two other acclaimed actors) have a lot of Oscar potential and hype.

  2. Cassie says:

    holy cow, this is AMAZING! as brett said, it sounds like marion’s first STARRING role. it’s about time! i am extremely excited about this new development; the film and role certainly has some oscar potential for marion, though one never really knows (especially this early on).

  3. Cassie says:

    (ah, and by “starring”, i meant her first starring/lead role in an american film)

  4. Domive says:

    As other comments say; this may be the first leading role for marion. I don’t know if this sounds for prices, but it could be!!
    Really happy!^^

  5. Adriana says:

    It sounds AMAZING! I was waiting for this, even tough this synopsis doesn’t really attract my attention at first sight. But, if Marion is involved in the project, i’m sure it would be a good film. I trust in her choices.

  6. Jennifer (aka Modelspice) says:

    I agree with most posters on this new project for Marion. I am certainly very pleased that she’ll be leading actor/actress in an American film. I have to commend both Marion and her PR team for picky worthy roles.

  7. Auxane says:

    Second time she would play a Polish immigrant after the Sophie Kowalsky role (2nd generation then) in Love me if you dare!

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