Clip from 'Midnight in Paris'

Watch a clip with Marion Cotillard as Adriana with Owen Wilson in ‘Midnight in Paris‘ on Isn’t her English really good in this?

001 Movie Clips: Midnight in Paris


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  1. Thank you for the clip! I found it in spanish like a day ago (here it’s premiered near the same time than in USA) and I can say to you that the pass from english to spain is very bad! Spainsh dubbing responsibles keep putting a “stupid french voice” to marion! The clip you gave us is 10 times better! Thanx

  2. Thank you Mia! How captivating i find Marion’s performance this time. Maybe it has been a while since i saw her playing a role, i don’t know, but i saw her and i said to me: Oh! how lovely Marion is, all her expressions, her voice, her english, etc. Maybe i was missing her. To me it has been kind of a rediscovering.

    And i totally agree with Domive, i didn’t see that spanish version, but in general i don’t use to see nothing dubbed in spanish just for that reason. That french accent is disgusting, because is a parody, french people don’t talk like that when they’re speaking spanish, and the “responsibles” give the accent to almost all french actors, not only Marion.

    By the way, i’d really like to hear Marion saying “Adriana”. It’s specially difficult to pronounce for french speakers, as difficult as is to say “Adriane” for spanish speakers.

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