Welcome to Magnifique Marion Cotillard! Marion's best known for her award winning performance in La Vie en Rose, but you might also recognise her from movies such as Inception, Midnight in Paris, The Dark Knight Rises and The French Rust and Bone. Collecting nominations for her latest film Two Days, One Night and starring in the upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Marion Cotillard is finally making a comeback to leading roles. Not stopping at movies, Marion Cotillard is also exploring her musical talents, having toured with French rock band Yodelice and recorded a song and video with British band Metronomy. She's also taken over the fashion industry as the face of Lady Dior. All the while, she is never too busy for her family and to lend her time and name to causes she believes in. Enjoy your time here and keep checking back for all the latest news!
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on 1 Jan, 1970

Trying to make the best of a free weekend and the calm before the release of ‘Midnight in Paris‘ I scanned all the 2009 publications featuring Marion Cotillard I had at home that hadn’t been added yet. Some of these featured brand-new photoshoots at the time – so it’s really high time they’re in our gallery. Enjoy!

From these scans I took 2 pictures that were new to me and added them to specific albums.

001 Charity & Causes > Greenpeace
001 Lady Dior > New York – Lady Rouge > Print Ads – Behind the Scenes
002 Scans from 2009 > Chasseurs d’images (France) – April
003 Scans from 2009 > Cote Paris (France) – May
002 Scans from 2009 > VSD (France) – June 3-9
012 Scans from 2009 > BlackBook Magazine (US) – June/July
003 Scans from 2009 > Gala (France) – June 29
003 Scans from 2009 > GQ (US) – July
007 Scans from 2009 > InStyle (US) – July
004 Scans from 2009 > Marie Claire (France) – July
002 Scans from 2009 > The Sun Herald (Australia) – July 19
001 Scans from 2009 > Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) – July 25/26
001 Scans from 2009 > Femmes (France) – July/August
002 Scans from 2009 > A Nous (France) – August 31
003 Scans from 2009 > Best Movie (Italy) – November
007 Scans from 2009 > Grazia (France) – November 14-20
001 Scans from 2009 > Urban Life (UK) – December
007 Scans from 2009 > Harper’s Bazaar (Japan) – December, replaced with my own scans
021 Scans from 2009 > Various Clippings, mostly scanned by Elmira & Lorna

Kindly do not redistribute the magazine scans at another Marion Cotillard fan site as they were scanned exclusively for ‘Magnifique Marion Cotillard’. Thank you.

12 Responses to “Missing 2009 Scans”


Thanks for the massive updates, but there’s still no sign of these lovely pictures 🙂

May 09, 11 at 12:22 am

I do not need to hear what is still missing after scanning magazines for 6 hours straight and having spent almost as much time on updates yesterday. I am well aware of what is missing and there’s a schedule. Sorry but thank you for understanding.

May 09, 11 at 12:33 am


OK, but “all the 2009 publications that hadn’t been added yet” kinda suggests that nothing left, doesn’t it? So I thought i better ask specifically. Now I know it’s better to sit calm.

May 09, 11 at 12:58 am

These pictures have so far not appeared in a printed publication

May 09, 11 at 1:12 am


Sairentu – Please try not to complain about pictures not being here.
The images you asked about are outtakes – images not printed in the publication that commissioned or purchased the rest of the photoshoot.
They’re not magazine scans.
Mia works really hard on this site, we should be grateful for what does appear here.
Scans take alot of time to do – not to mention the money that is spent on the magazines to acquire them.
I realise you’re just eager to see the rest of that photoshoot – as we would all love to see images of Marion we have yet to see.
But please be patient, and appreciate what is here as opposed to what’s not.

May 09, 11 at 2:06 am


Thank you so much Mia for the work that you did, it’s amazing thank you again!

May 09, 11 at 12:41 pm

Mia, I love your website when you publice exclusive information or reviews from marion movies, or when you give us the latest rumours, but that titanic ammount of scans just shows how incredible is that page what a great fan are you!

Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and for all the time you spend working for the page, I really appreciate it!^^

Thank you again and sorry for the spelling mistakes (remember I’m Spanish! :P)

May 09, 11 at 2:15 pm

Jennifer (aka Modelspice)

Mia, once again, thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication to this site and simply for being magnificient in keeping all of us, Marion fans updated with all her projects, charitable endeavours. You’re simply the best.

May 09, 11 at 3:11 pm


Mia.. I just want to say thank you and congratulate you for making such an amazing job with this website it so far the best fansite I’ve ever seen thanks again 😀

May 09, 11 at 8:39 pm

Thank you everyone so much for your lovely comments & appreciation. And I see where you were coming from Sairentu – just had to voice my side for once as well. No hard feelings, eh?

May 09, 11 at 10:43 pm


Mia, of course. Being a huge Marion fan I appreciate your work immensely, so it wasn’t in any way an attempt to criticize you. After all, I visit this site every day, don’t know how I lived before 😀

May 09, 11 at 10:51 pm

Well. You were coming from Sairentu. I’m not. I just saw the update and the amount of work that it represents, and i thought: I said it already, but i don’t get tired to be grateful to Mia and her work. So, once again: Thank you Mia, this is a great site, and it is for you.

May 11, 11 at 9:51 pm


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