Why we love Marion Cotillard

from GQ (UK) / by Stuart McGurk

Here’s Marion Cotillard – Oscar-winning actress, Dior model and activist – on, well… you decide: “We live on earth, have jobs and interact in society,” she said recently. “But we exist because there is a moon rotating around us and a sun we rotate around. We connect when we accept that the mystery takes place on the ground.” Yes, Marion Cotillard is very French.

Described by Nicole Kidman as “otherworldly”, the 35-year-old Cotillard looks set to continue in 2011 where she left off last year – nicking the roles the rest of Hollywood wanted. After starring in Inception, this year sees her complete a hat-trick. First up, French drama, Little White Lies, directed by husband Guillaume Canet. Then, Steven Soderbergh’s thriller Contagion. And finally, Midnight In Paris – a Woody Allen romcom (of course). In fact, only her pregnancy has restricted you seeing more of Cotillard, ruling her out of the race to play Catwoman in upcoming Batman (a role nabbed by Anne Hathaway). Cotillard’s joy, it seems, is the rest of Hollywood’s gain.

Little White Lies is out on 15 April. Contagion is out on 21 October.


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