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Apr 2011
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Many thanks to Lindsey for sending in the first still from ‘Midnight in Paris‘ featuring Marion Cotillard. The movie will open the Cannes Film Festival next month. 001 Midnight in Paris (2011) > Stills

Apr 2011
Movies, News & Rumours  •  By  •  13 Comments just reported Warner Bros. Pictures’ announcement from earlier today that Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have – after much speculation – officially joined the cast of ‘The Dark Knight Rises, the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend helmed by Christopher Nolan. This will be quite the ‘Inception‘ re-union since both Marion and Joseph as well as already confirmed cast members Michael Caine and Tom Hardy were directed by

Apr 2011
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Le Journal du Dimanche asked Woody Allen yesterday about who of the ladies from ‘Midnight in Paris‘ are to be expected at the Cannes Film Festival. Rachel McAdams is coming but it he doesn’t know about Carla Bruni. He hopes so but all depends on her schedule and he’ll only know a few days before the festival. But what about Marion Cotillard? “Marion is expecting a happy event which is

Apr 2011
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from / by Zara Miller (full version of the interview on which the article published in their March/April issue is based) The French actress talks about returning to her roots for her latest role in Guillaume Canet’s Little White Lies. From skipping girlfriend to scorned wife, Marion Cotillard’s roles have mirrored her maturing process as an actress. Starring alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood she has, nonetheless,

Apr 2011
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Les 6,5 millions d’entrées de “Taxi” n’ont pas bouleversé l’ego de Marion Cotillard. “Simplement, dit-elle, depuis j’ai le choix. C’est tout es c’est énorme.” Avec une conséquence douloureuse, devoir refuser, souvent. “Dire non? C’est difficile, surtout que je ne veux pas décourager personne. J’ai vu les premiers films de Kurosawa. Ils étaient nuls. Il n’empêche que ce type a ensuite réalisé des chefs-d’oevre.” Alors, Marion lit attentivement tous les scénarios