Simone performed at Olympia last night

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6 Responses

  1. Adriana says:

    She is amazing!

  2. Fanette says:

    Yes she is !!! what a long hair, and she looks so classy and happy ♥ !!

  3. Sairentu says:

    It’s nice to see her so adorable and happy :)

  4. Jennifer (aka Modelspice) says:

    Dang mo, Marion is fierce. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen her, understandably of course. Now I want her to rest for the Canet-Cotillard baby!

  5. cassie says:

    Thanks for this update! It’s great to see Marion having a great time and enjoying herself. I wish all the best for her and the little baby. <3

  6. Domive says:

    She’s a reak rocker! I’m happy that she’s so happy and energetic when it only rests a month to have her baby!^^

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