Simone performed at Olympia last night

As always unannounced Simone (aka Marion Cotillard) made an appearance with Yodelice at their concert in the famous music hall Olympia in Paris. It was her second performance at the venue with Yodelice (after last May) and also where some of the filming for ‘La Vie en Rose‘ took place (one of the most famous Édith Piaf concerts took place at that venue). Last night, Simone only joined Yodelice for 2 songs: she was playing the guitar on My Bood Is Burning and More Than Meets The Eye. Heavily pregnant she seems to have been enjoying herself tremendously. Watch videos on YouTube.

• Sources: PurePeople & Steven Bellery

016 030 Yodelice > Olympia, Paris – March 22, 2011


6 Comments on “Simone performed at Olympia last night”

  1. Dang mo, Marion is fierce. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen her, understandably of course. Now I want her to rest for the Canet-Cotillard baby!

  2. Thanks for this update! It’s great to see Marion having a great time and enjoying herself. I wish all the best for her and the little baby. <3

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