Marion’s Message to Japan

ELLE Japan published many messages of support sent in by celebrities to the people of Japan after disaster struck their country. Among them a particularly heartwarming message by Marion Cotillard:

Man is so weak against the uprising of nature, but man is also a force of that nature.
Your courage and life will bring this beautiful country called Japan to bloom again.
I’m thinking of you constantly.
I’m sharing your pain, we’re all sharing it.
I’m sending you all my love.

• Source: Elle Japon (Translation by myself)



4 Comments on “Marion’s Message to Japan”

  1. Her message is so emotionally charged and full of anguish and pain for the sufferings of the people of Japan.

    How much I admire Marion xoxo

  2. Thanks for posting all of the latest articles/interviews Mia.
    It’s a treat to read them in English.
    I particularly love the Total Film one!

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