‘Mouchoirs’ wins at 18th Trophées du Film français

Les Petits Mouchoirs‘ was among the winners at the 18th Trophées du Film français, which were held in Paris on Thursday night.

The film won the Trophée du Film français (Le Film français) which recognises the highest-grossing French film of the year.

It was also runner-up in the categories Trophée des Trophées, highest grossing film in France, beaten by  ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1‘ and Trophée du prix du public TF1 (Audience Award), beaten by ‘L’arnacœur‘ (‘Heartbreaker’).

Inception‘ came in third in the category Trophée des Trophées.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter and Chino Kino.


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