More Casting News about 'Cosmopolis'

It’s safe to say that Marion Cotillard is no longer attached to ‘Cosmopolis‘. The movie’s Production Website Alfama Films is listing Keira Knightley as the female star now. Even if Keira hasn’t signed anything yet Marion Cotillard is no longer officially attached to the project. This goes in line with the change of direction when they cast the much younger Robert Pattinson to replace Colin Farrell and that Marion Cotillard is unavailable for filming in May due to her baby being due at the same time. Also absent from the cast list on the website is Paul Giamatti.

Read the The Playlist‘s interpretations of the information available on the Production Website.

[Update] Alfama Films have removed Keira’s name from the website – no doubt because of the huge media attention despite there being no signed contract yet. Regardless, Marion Cotillard is no longer attached to this. The Playlist updated their article with this update: “a rep for Marion Cotillard tells us she indeed had to leave the project because of a scheduling conflict.”


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  1. Yes, I agree about it’s the best for her not to be in “Cosmopolis”. I wonder though, why her rep referred to “scheduling conflict” as the reason? I know it’s the pregnancy and all that, but they could still refer directly to it, it’s no secret anymore..Maybe there is another project we don’t know yet of? Hoping..

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