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Jan 2011
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Remember ‘Cosmopolis‘ – the David Cronenberg movie Marion Cotillard’s been attached to since last May? It seems that Colin Farrell who had been attached to the project to take the lead role is out of the picture because Deadline reports that Robert Pattinson has signed for the part of Eric Packer.

While all the news reports are still mentioning Marion Cotillard and Paul Giamatti (also “in talks” to join according to a report by The Playlist from last December) their involvement is as of yet unclear – there haven’t been any reports of them actually signing on to the movie. If Marion is still on board she’d play Pattinson’s wife.

  • Maria
    Posted on January 06, 2011

    But wouldn’t the age difference between Robert and Marion have them unlikely to star together as couple (husband and wife)? Honestly, I don’t think she is attached to it anymore.

  • sophia83
    Posted on January 06, 2011

    i don’t like robert.i hope marion leave this project.marion is elegant and good actress.she doesn’t suit with him.

  • Arina
    Posted on January 06, 2011

    Oh no this is bad. I was hoping she would take the role, but if she’s going to be paired up with Pattinson now I don’t think this is right. Marion’s a GREAT actress, she will make a smart decision.

  • Patrick
    Posted on January 07, 2011

    Not sure I like this match-up. Robert is not that good of an actor. Marion deserves better!

  • LTavares2011
    Posted on January 07, 2011

    I love Marion so much, she is a great actress, beautiful and charming woman and I love Robert Pattinson too and I think that working with her will be an enormous learning for him. He is a good actor but unexperienced.

  • yadi
    Posted on January 07, 2011

    David Cronenberg and Marion: WOW! As for the Robert Pattinson part, most people are judging him from his twilight crap, that was over all bad, Robert’s acting had no chance with all that bad writing and bad actors around him. If people see his indie work, they will see his has talent. Give him a chance. Besides Marion looks young still.

  • tilda
    Posted on January 07, 2011

    robert is not good actor.if he was good why don’t anybody know when he was play harry potter.i didn’t want judding him therefor i saw little ashes and remember me.but his acting not diffirent edward cullen.i think marion is amazing actress and she deserve much better actor.

  • domive
    Posted on January 07, 2011

    Oh no! I wish marion doesn’t accept the movie! Pattinson isn’t a good actor and she deserves something better! And… do you remember the possible cat woman part in next christopher nolan movie? She couldn’t take it beacuse he would be filming cosmopolis! Well, if she lefts cosmopolis, it can be a chance that she can still take de paper!

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