Marion Cotillard: Best of 2010

Welcome to 2011! I know I haven’t managed to add all the missing pictures from 2010 appearances and magazine features to the gallery but since I already skipped it last year for these reasons I decided to compile a review of 2010 nontheless. What are your choices? Feel free to comment!

Best News: Marion Cotillard being awarded the Desert Palm Achievement Actress Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival last January and ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ (Little White Lies) being the most successful French movie of the year. And of course Marion joining the French rock band Yodélice as Simone.

Worst News: After Marion’s participation in the oratorio ‘Jeanne au bûcher‘ was announced for November back in August we didn’t hear anything further. November came and went without the special performances happening. And 48 hours before the year ended Harry Potter passed ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ (Little White Lies) at the French box office keeping it from being the most successful movie of the year in France.

Favourite magazine cover:

As always Marion Cotillard graced quite a number of covers – all of which gorgeous. But I really like this from Jalouse – March 2010.

Favourite magazine picture:

I especially loved all the pictures in L’Officiel – March 2010.

Favourite photo shoot:

While I loved most photo shoots this is my absolute favourite – Wearing pieces of Chopard’s Animal World Collection (which benefits WWF) for 150th Chopard Anniversary

Favourite photo shoot picture (excluding the shoot mentioned above):

Black and white pictures of Marion always turn out great and this picture from the shoot used in a October issue of French Elle is no exception.

Favourite event look – Awards:

These are (so far) still missing in the gallery but I loved everything about her look at the Critics Choice Movie Awards last January.

Favourite event look – Premiere:

What with promoting ‘Nine‘, ‘Inception‘ and ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ there were ample premiere appearances. I’m sure there were occasions when she was more styled but I my favourite is her appearance at the London premiere for ‘Inception‘. Arriving by train from Paris where she had been shooting ‘Midnight in Paris‘ the night/morning before this somewhat laid back style was refreshing. To me the dress, the hair and the necklace make what is THE essential Marion style.

Favourite event look – Other:

Glamourous and perfect at the Costume Institue Gala in New York last May.

Favourite hairstyle:

I loved both the elegant up-do at the Unifrance party during the Toronto Film Festival and the frizzy hair as seen on the Taratata TV Show.

Favourite picture – Other:

This is the most difficult choice. I chose these pics because the show Marion smiling in everyday life, having fun and being rock’n’roll.

Favourite 2010 project:
I really truly loved all of her 2010 projects. Each of them showed a different side of her acting. I loved ‘Inception‘ as a whole but especially Marion giving her ‘character’ such emotional weight and being as agressive with such little screentime. ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ was a great movie because it portrayed relationships with such honesty but while being an ensemble piece Marion was in it quite a lot and everything about her performance was simply perfect. And finally ‘Lady Rouge‘ for Dior is my favourite out of the Dior short movies in terms of storyline (though ‘Lady Noire‘ remains the absolute favourite) and showed us Marion as a burlesque dancer of sorts and mysterious femme fatale. If I really have to choose I guess I’d go with ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘.

Favourite still from a 2010 project:

Looking perfect without being styled to perfection – that’s real beauty!

Favourite quotes:

You paint your character with colors you have taken from everywhere.

My heart helps me decide. It bounces, and then it sends a message to my brain that says, ‘obsession, obsession, obsession, obsession’. I become obsessed with the story, and that’s when I know I have to go there

When I see a magician, I don’t want to know how he does his tricks. I just want to be thrilled and amazed by them. The mystery is the beautiful part of it.

There are enough pitfalls in our profession. That’s why I yearn for the essential, for simplicity. I’m still far from having found fulfillment but when I see pictures of myself from 10 years ago I almost don’t recognize myself: I wore so much make-up and was so dressed up… I’ve changed: I don’t need to play a role in my life anymore.

Favourite quote by someone else:

The most magical thing about who Marion plays is just to sit there and watch the mystery of the character unfold.
– Chris Nolan

She can do anything; she’s a true artist. If it’s someone she connects to, she can summon within herself the deepest urgings, the patterns, the rhythms of that character, that life. Her preparation is ferocious, her commitment and concentration are total, and she goes all the way.
– Michael Mann

Marion is beautiful, very talented, and thinks good like a rebel.
– David Lynch

Most anticipated Marion release for 2011:
While I’m looking forward to Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Contagion‘ I’m sure Marion will only have a small part in it. I’m not sure how big her part in Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris‘ will be – but the setting in different time periods sounds intriguing.


3 Comments on “Marion Cotillard: Best of 2010”

  1. At least you’re back! I loved the lists! Specially the one of the cover! I suppose too that she will have a bigger part in Midnight… but i really wish that she could earn some recognition in contagion… It seams a so much big chance to just let it go!

  2. Well to be honest I am not that amazed with “Midnight at Paris”. Usually Woody Allen movies maintain certain artistic level: acting, humor, avoiding cliché, music, etc. Usually Woody Allen movies are made for intelligent viewers, with intelligent viewer in mind. Unfortunately Midnight in Paris is not one of such films.

    Instead of a light, dynamic, full of irony and natural acting “smart” comedy, we get a cheesy, predictable, and oversimplified “Hollywood” style flick. All the characters are so primitive, and overemphasized, that it’s boring like hell. Snobism of one of the characters, lack of understanding between a main character and his bride , eccentricity of “great artists”, naive character of a main character, etc, etc, etc – all of it – is so exaggerated and so dull, that I could not believe, that it’s for real. I thought that maybe in the end there will be some twist, or some justification of such bad acting and such terrible script. But no, everything was for real, and a movie ended with the most predictable and boring end.

    I would never believe, it’s a Woody Allen movie. The only good thing about the film is music, but that’s definitely not enough.

    Have a lovely time!
    Alexa @

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