Marion Cotillard: Best of 2010

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3 Responses

  1. I love your new topic, I agree with a lot of rankings …
    In particular Favourite magazine picture and Favourite picture – Other !
    Thank you so much ! it is a very good idea.

  2. domive says:

    At least you’re back! I loved the lists! Specially the one of the cover! I suppose too that she will have a bigger part in Midnight… but i really wish that she could earn some recognition in contagion… It seams a so much big chance to just let it go!

  3. alexa says:

    Well to be honest I am not that amazed with “Midnight at Paris”. Usually Woody Allen movies maintain certain artistic level: acting, humor, avoiding cliché, music, etc. Usually Woody Allen movies are made for intelligent viewers, with intelligent viewer in mind. Unfortunately Midnight in Paris is not one of such films.

    Instead of a light, dynamic, full of irony and natural acting “smart” comedy, we get a cheesy, predictable, and oversimplified “Hollywood” style flick. All the characters are so primitive, and overemphasized, that it’s boring like hell. Snobism of one of the characters, lack of understanding between a main character and his bride , eccentricity of “great artists”, naive character of a main character, etc, etc, etc – all of it – is so exaggerated and so dull, that I could not believe, that it’s for real. I thought that maybe in the end there will be some twist, or some justification of such bad acting and such terrible script. But no, everything was for real, and a movie ended with the most predictable and boring end.

    I would never believe, it’s a Woody Allen movie. The only good thing about the film is music, but that’s definitely not enough.

    Have a lovely time!
    Alexa @

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