Guest Appearance on Comedy Series 'Platane'

In the beginning of 2011 the new comedy series ‘Platane‘ written by Éric Judor will start airing on Canal+. There will be 12 30-minute episodes. Many stars will be making a guest appearance, including Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Guillaume Canet, Gilles Lellouche, Matthieu Almaric, Vicent Cassel, Clotilde Coureau and Pierre Richard. Main actors will be Éric Judor, Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine, Arnaud Henriet, Romain Berger, Hafid Ferdjioui and Ramzy. What is it all about?

One sad evening, Eric crashes into a tree – at 70 km/h. After a year in a coma while his comrade Ramzy’s landed a hit with “HP” (sequel to the “H” series), Eric has a revelation: he will get into Arthouse Cinema to prove that he can make a serious, profound and moving film. Despite general skepticism, he decides to write a sequel to “La Môme” (La Vie en Rose) and call it: “La Môme 2.0 Next Generation.” Surrounded by a production team with unproven skills, his clingy friend squatting at his place and rejected by the woman he attempts to win back… Will Eric find the strength to successfully complete this ambitious project which could forever change the image of French cinema?

Already the description sounds hilarious, can’t wait to hear more!

Télé & PurePeople (translation by myself)


6 Comments on “Guest Appearance on Comedy Series 'Platane'”

  1. This sounds great!
    Kind of reminds me of Ricky Gervais’ series ‘Extras.’
    If it comes off in the same way it could be really funny.

  2. He actually cites Ricky Gervais as inspiration in the PurePeople article. I love Extras and hope this will be just as funny!

  3. Rumors that she is pregnant are swirling. While it’d be good news for her if it’s true, it would also mean we can forget about her acting for a while, and we can cross all those future projects off the list.

  4. yeah, rumors regarding cotillard possibly being pregnant are all over! i wouldn’t cross off every project because of it, though. some (not all) would be willing to work around her schedule. that is, IF this rumor is true (i’m not sure if i believe it or not). on a sidenote, this sounds great! and fun! much love for marion!

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