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Lady Grey London – The Finale, the new 7:56-minute Lady Dior short movie directed by John Cameron Mitchell and starring Sir Ian McKellen and Russell Tovey next to Marion Cotillard will go live on on December 8. It was filmed at various locations in London including Brixton Academy and The Rivington Club and features the 1973 hit single ‘Rock On’ by David Essex. Why London? Says John Galliano: “London is where I began.”

Last Thursday there was a Dior Store opening party in London with a private dinner hosted by Stella Tennant at the Claridge’s Hotel afterwards. There are no pictures of Marion Cotillard but she may have attended the event. The new Dior short movie was then premiered at the Institute of Contemporary Arts the following morning after a breakfast of coffee and croissants (source). Chiara from The Blonde Salad attended all the Dior events and posted pictures (last one) and a video (after 8 minutes) from this event – where you can spot Marion at the screening.

Marion Cotillard, making what I believe is known in the trade as ‘a cameo appearance’, at the conclusion of the screening, in a classic grey and white Prince of Wales check Dior suit, by the British designer, John Galliano
• Source: The Telegraph

Post-screening, Marion Cotillard was a picture of poise and elegance as she humbly admitted of not knowing much about fashion. She said that working with Galliano and Mitchell wasn’t about just fashion, but the transcendence of their creations into an altogether bigger realm of art, and that is what attracted her to the house of Dior in the first place.
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“In this movie, there is something that is different than the others, there’s a very strong, young, childlike part of Lady Grey — the way she plays, the way she’s very genuine, the way she does things and she doesn’t really know all the effects she has on people,” said Cotillard after the screening at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts.

“Back two years ago when I was watching the fashion shows and people would ask me things about fashion, I would totally freak out, because I didn’t know how to talk about it,” she said. “But meeting John Galliano…has made my mind open to this world and I now really see it like really true art that makes women beautiful.”
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What is it all about? Basically, it’s a tale of a showgirl, sparkle, and the secret stored inside her purse. Read more after the cut if you can’t wait until next week…

Starring the gorgeous Marion Cotillard as Lady Grey, a burlesque artist with magical healing powers, the unshakeable Sir Ian Mckellan as her crippled fan and the newbie Brit actor Russell Tovey as the painter who is so inspired by Lady Grey’s grace and sensuality that he magically transforms into an artist, the short film had amused its entire audience.
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“I envisioned Marion’s character as a kind of hybrid of Louise Brooks, Mary Poppins, and Jesus. She literally ascends into heaven at the end. I’m not sure what the sequel would be: Lady Dior: The Second Coming?!”
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