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Marion Cotillard already mentioned Pierre Rabhi in her interview about ecology with Elle last year – last Tuesday, she now attended a press conference in Paris where the Fondation Pierre Rabhi was presented. There was already a tweet about it but it wasn’t until today when L’Express published a picture and an interview with Pierre Rabhi that we know more about it. Listen to the full press conference here.

[audio:|titles=Fondation Pierre Rabhi Press Conference (November 16, 2010)]

The Fondation Pierre Rabhi was created this year to support Acro-Ecology projects for sustainable food self-sufficiency worldwide and to get involved in safety, food safety and autonomy of people. There are 7 members Jean-Paul Capitani, Maurice Freund, Charles Kobloukoff, François Lemarchand, la Princesse de Polignac, Jacques Rocher and Michel Valentin. Farmer, philosopher and writer Pierre Rabhi is its honorary president. The foundation coordinates, among other things, a group of agro-ecologists without borders who then mobilize people with specific skills for the projects around the world, including Burkina Faso, Morocco, Mali and Europe.

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