4.7 Million People Saw 'Les petits mouchoirs'

Last Tuesday evening ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ became officially the most successful French movie in France of the year – dethroning Camping 2. According to today’s Le Figaro 4.7 million people have now seen it! This is only one month after its release and despite somewhat mixed reviews and a length of 2h40 minutes. The newspaper says that the movie has become a social phenomenon and have a psychoanalyst / philosopher try explain its success. There’s also a new interview with writer/director Guillaume Canet where he says he’s surprised by the huge success.

Interestingly, when it comes to all movie releases in France ‘Inception‘ (also with Marion Cotillard) is currently holding the record with over 4.9 million entries – but it looks like ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ will beat it soon. Its distributor Europa Corp expects that 5.5 million people will have seen it by the end of the year. The only other movie to maybe become the most successful movie in France of 2010 is Harry Potter which opens this week. But in any case it’s definitely the most successful French movie of 2010! Congratulations!

As regards international release dates there are no details yet but they’re previewing it in The Netherlands – thanks Nadine.

Here are scans of some extra stills featured in the soundtrack:

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  1. The movie was released in Belgium (Flanders) on October 20 (same date as the French release) but only played in the theatres for a week, despite getting good reviews. 🙁

  2. Oh? Too bad :'( it was also released on the same day in French speaking Switzerland but it’s still playing in 10 cities and last Saturday when I went to a screening the cinema was full!

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