More from the ‘Les petits mouchoirs’ Paris Premiere

I added more pictures to the album of Thursday’s Paris premiere of ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘. The whole cast was there, including Maxim Nucci (Yodélice) and the child actors. Apparently, there was a dress code to wear black – although I haven’t found any reference to that yet. There’s a video with interviews of the cast – sadly not with Marion – on

Marion was wearing a Christian Dior Fall 2010 strapless leather dress and combined the look with few accessories but with bold lipstick and didn’t sweep her bangs to the side for a change. An unusual look for her which got very mixed feedback around the web. What do you think?

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2 Comments on “More from the ‘Les petits mouchoirs’ Paris Premiere”

  1. Mia, once again, thanks so much for your updates on Marion’s projects and of course these pics are wonderful.

    With regards to Marion’s Dior dress, heck I love it. Marion’s showing her adventurous spirit by picking this ensemble. The only problem I have is with regards to her hair. Would have loved a different hairstyle. My opinion anywayz.

    Also I got the impression that Marion looked slightly pale and perhaps is still suffering from the bout of flu that Guillaume mentioned. Their love for each other is so apparent in these pics as well.

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