Timeline and News about Lady Dior & ‘Contagion’

After filming ‘Midnight in Paris‘ and promoting ‘Inception‘ in July Marion Cotillard enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in the South of France during the second half of August – where she also performed as Simone at some Yodélice concerts.

Afterwards, she travelled to London to film the 4th – and last – short movie for the Lady Dior Campaign which will also be starring Ian McKellen. Source: Karen Hayley’s Official Website.

Following a stay in France during which she attended a ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ advance screening in Paris (Sep 8 or 9) she travelled to Canada to promote the movie together with Guillaume Canet & Gilles Lellouche (see past updates).

Only days later she was back in France doing ADR for ‘Midnight in Paris‘, attending a ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ advance screening in Orléans (Sep 15, source: Orléans Info), taping her guest appearances on the TV Shows Taratata and Enfants de la télé (Sep 16) as well as attending the U2 concert in the Stade de France (Sep 18, source: U2 France).

Towards the end of September 2010 Marion flew to the other side of the planet to shoot her scenes for ‘Contagion‘ taking place in Hong Kong. There are some pictures of Marion arriving on the set from September 29 on The Sun China.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos from Marion’s activities back in France last week!


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