TV Alert: Enfants de la Télé tonight!

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10 Responses

  1. Danii says:

    hey..I’m sooo sad because i really wanted to watch marion in les enfants du télé but the video its not available on TF1 here where i live ..can i see it somewhere else??

  2. Christine Liu says:

    darn. i was soooo excited to see that the video was up then i realized that its in france and i’m like on a different continent…..
    i’m sad.

  3. Olivergbyrne says:

    It suck that the TF1 website changed, a year ago you could watch all their vids with no problem no matter were you were situated,now its for France only grrrr

  4. Anne-So says:

    First of all, congrats for your website!
    I watched the show tonight. I enjoyed those clips where we can see our Marion when she was a little (adorable). “Tu t’es vu quand t’as bu” (ad to prevent against alcohol) was also funny! The whole show was okay (i laughed when Marion said that her, Guillaume and their friends play at the Werewolf game…they are just like us!!) but I found Marion shy and less talkative than in the US shows….yes less outgoing. Anyway I was very glad to see her on french tv. Maybe her and the “Little Lies” team will go to “Le Grand Journal” (I hope so!)

  5. sara says:

    can’t wait to see this!
    OT: who is the girl at 00:04?

  6. Adriana says:

    Ggggrrrrrr….. Me too…I’m so sad, and thanks, Mia for resume.

  7. Danii says:

    well at least im not the only one..let wait and hope that enyone has recorded it and upload it soon…
    Anne-So: i know what you mean i have seen some marion interviews both in french and in english and weird but true shes alway seems more confortable on the english ones…(maybe because when she and guillaume are together she becomes more protective and deffensive??)…
    well anyway thanks a lot for this post…

  8. aurélie says:

    maybe with this you will be able to see the video

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