Cotillard on Rachel McAdams: 'I think she's amazing'

from The Canadian Press

Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard has high praise for Canadian Rachel McAdams, her co-star in Woody Allen’s upcoming comedy “Midnight in Paris,” due out next year.

“Rachel McAdams is one of my favourite actresses,” Cotillard said during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where her latest project, “Little White Lies,” is debuting.

“And unfortunately we didn’t really work together because we are in the same movie but we don’t have any scenes together.

“I really hope I will have the opportunity and the great chance one day to work with her. I think she’s amazing.”

“Little White Lies” (“Les Petits Mouchoirs”) is the third full-length film from French writer-director Guillaume Canet, who is also an actor and, reportedly, Cotillard’s boyfriend.

A huge ensemble cast is featured in the uproarious and stirring tale of a group of friends who are forced to confront the lies they’ve been telling each other — and themselves — after a traumatic event.

Cotillard, 34, plays Marie, a conflicted bisexual who gets flak from her friends for being too immersed in her job as an ethnologist in the Amazon rainforest.

“She’s attached to her job for sure, but she’s also very attached to her friends,” said Cotillard, who won a best actress Oscar in 2008 for her magnetic performance as French singer Edith Piaf in “La Vie En Rose.”

“I think she’s escaping a part of herself by going so far and trying to understand how some human beings behave in order to not face who she is.”

Much of “Little White Lies” is set in a stunning Cap Ferret peninsula beach house in France, where the friends come together to lift their spirits after a tragedy befalls a vivacious member of the group.

Canet — who made a splash in France in 2006 with his second feature as a director, “Tell No One” — was already longtime friends with many cast members before filming, including Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche, Francois Cluzet and Benoit Magimel.

As a result, they were able to come together three months before filming began to spend five days in the beach home to feel each other out.

“We worked all together on our characters and then we had a private time with Guillame and … we changed a few things because it helped the character and the story,” said Cotillard, dressed in an elegant black dress that made her big blue eyes stand out.

“It’s funny because it creates a very different dynamic to work with people you’ve known for years and sometimes it makes things easier because you don’t have to create this very special relationship of two people who know each other pretty well.

“But sometimes you get shy doing scenes with people you’ve known for a long time, you know.”

Canet, 37, says “Little White Lies” is his most personal project yet, having written it after a “crucial period” in his life that involved a lot of reflection on his priorities.

“I’ve known him 14 years,” said Cotillard, who can currently be seen playing Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife in “Inception.”

“So I can really see what part of him is in each character.”

“Little White Lies” is due to hit theatres internationally next month but doesn’t have a Canadian release date yet.

Cotillard is next set to film Canadian director David Cronenberg’s thriller “Cosmopolis,” an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novel.

The Toronto film fest runs through Sept. 19.


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