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There is currently an overload of pictures etc from Marion’s appearances at the Toronto Film Festival. Stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, Marion Cotillard was featured in the Evening Standard Magazine on the weekend with the stunning photoshoot realized for Chopard’s 150th anniversary in which she’s wearing pieces from their Animal World collection, developed in association with the WWF.

Anything we can do in favour of the defence of life and the environment is always precious.

For the most part the article is using quotes from the recent feature in the ‘Interview‘ magazine but it still makes for an interesting read. Thank you Natalie for the scans!

Note: In the final print Marion Cotillard wasn’t featured on the cover of ES Magazine, though there was a preview of a version with Marion.

Hollywood’s love affair with Marion Cotillard

005 Scans from 2010 > Evening Standard Magazine (UK) – September 10


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  1. The one of the cover? It never got printed. There was only a tiny preview in the newspaper to advertise it – but the final version of the magazine didn’t feature Marion on the cover.

  2. ^ There’s a number of copies for sale on ebay featuring scans/photographs of the cover – so it must have been printed in some places?

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