'Little White Lies' World Premiere

After many ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ (Little White Lies) advance screenings in France – even one that was kept rather quiet in Paris but which Marion & Guillaume attended – the official world premiere took place earlier this afternoon during the Toronto International Film Festival. Marion Cotillard looked effortlessly chic in a somewhat new look. Together with director Guillaume Canet and co-star Gilles Lellouche I’d say a very handsome & charming trio represented the movie in Canada.

After some technical difficulties to screen the movie with subtitles there were two screenings at another venue to make up for the annoyance. The first English reviews are out by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety – though especially the latter is spoilery and not only positive.

And the ever-lovely, always genuine Cotillard.
– The Hollywood Reporter

Cotillard offers a strong presence, though Marie’s character feels too diffuse.
– Variety

033 ‘Little White Lies’ Premiere – 35th Toronto International Film Festival


7 Comments on “'Little White Lies' World Premiere”

  1. She looks absolutely amazing. Her ponytail is somewhat fresh and she’s rocking it. Very elegant.
    And my, Guillaume looks sexy.

  2. Mia, thanks for the pics. Aww, its so good to see Marion, Guillaume et Gilles together. Alsol love Marion’s attire and her hairstyle isso cute – rock chick!

  3. hi i was wondering if there is any site in which we can see the hole press conference of little white lies because i only found a little bit in the official TIFF page…
    Thnks 😀

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