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I still can’t quite believe I managed to see ‘Les petits mouchoirs the other night. I’ve since had a day to think about it and here are my thoughts. I’m not going to spill any more plot details than the official synopsis revealed as I feel watching ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ is a real experience, in the end you’ll feel as if you are a part of the gang yourself and as if you went through everything yourself. This because the movie has a perfect flow and all of the performances feel real, there’s no false note. Even though I didn’t understand everything I laughed a lot, sometimes just because of how comical the situations were but mostly because of the hilarious dialogue. Make no mistake though, it’s a rollercoaster for your emotions!

Marion as independent Marie is fabulous, she got to play the most interesting and engaging female character in the movie. While all characters are well developed the movie does focus more about the friendship between the men. Additionally to Marion, also Gilles Lellouche, François Cluzet and Benoît Magimel are definite standouts in my opinion. Do look out for interesting cameo appearances by Matthieu Chedid (aka M), Maxim Nucci (aka Yodélice), Jean-Claude Cotillard and Niseema Theillaud. But most of all, if you get a chance to watch ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ (Little White Lies) do not hesitate to buy a ticket! It’s easily made my personal list of my 5 most favourite Marion movies & performances!

Guillaume Canet released the 4th Making of Video on Facebook which sheds more light on 4 characters including Marie:

I was very very touched by Marie’s character. There was a sense of understanding and I had already the wish to work on a character that could be similar to me even if not entirely like me.
– Marion Cotillard (free translation by myself)

In time for the world premiere on Saturday, the final poster for ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ was released, credit to Jean-Claude Lother, Les Productions Du Tresor, EuropaCorp, Caneo Films and M6 Films. Isn’t it perfect?!

I also scanned the ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ article in last October’s Studio Ciné Live – the on set pictures from which are no longer new – as well as this month’s Premiere which focuses mainly on Guillaume Canet, but he talks about working with Marion in the interview and there are new pictures of her taken during filming. Enjoy!

Kindly do not redistribute the magazine scans at another Marion Cotillard fan site as they were scanned exclusively for ‘Magnifique Marion Cotillard’. Thank you.

001 Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies) – 2010 > Artwork
019 Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies) – 2010 > Behind the Scenes
002 Studio Ciné Live (France) – October 2009
009 Premiere (France) – September 2010


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    1. Christine, unless you can catch it at a Festival (don’t know yet of any upcoming US festivals that have it in their lineup) you’ll have to either wait until it gets a theatrical release or for the DVD, sorry

  1. The more you say, more i want to see the movie, although it’s quite difficult for me right now… You’re so so lucky! Thank you for the review.

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