'Extrême Limite' Screencaptures

Back in 1994, an 18 to 19 year old Marion Cotillard was part of the French TF1 series ‘Extrême Limite‘ where she played Sophie Colbert, the daughter of the director of an elite sports academy at the Côte d’Azur. To my knowledge she appeared in episodes #10 and #41 of the first season. Please let me know if she appeared in any additional episodes.

There’s some confusion with the DVD releases as they’re splitting episodes from the first season into different box sets as well as labelling some of them ‘Season 2’. Marion’s episodes can be watched on the following DVD Box Sets: Saison 1, partie 1 and Saison 2, partie 1. Added screencaptures of Marion’s 2nd episode today.

281 Extrême Limite – 1994 > 1.41 La pistonnée


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