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I added more screencaptures of Marion Cotillard in short movies. These are mostly very hard to find so if you come across any more (teasers, excerpts of full versions) please let us know! Here are the links to watch the ones I added screencaptures of today:

Snuff Movie full version
Quelques jours de trop excerpts
Heureuse full version
Forehead Tittaes full version, incl. full transcript

Regarding the recent spoof advert ‘Forehead Tittaes‘ by Funny or which was released this March: Nadine recently directed my attention to a recent German ‘Inception‘ interview with Welt am Sonntag. To my knowledge this is the first time Marion was asked about it so here’s the translation:

Welt am Sonntag: When typing your name in Google a quite funny short film called “Forehead Tittaes” shows up – the clip deals with how men always stare only at women’s boobs. What made you do this?
That’s the great thing about the possibilities America can offer an actress. Thanks to “La Môme” I’m now somewhat privileged. In this case it was that I played quite a number of, let’s say, “suffering” roles back-to-back – “La Mome”, “Public Enemies”, “Nine” and “Inception”. But actually, I’m a huge fan of American comedians – Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn or Steve Carell. “Step Brothers” is one of my favourite movies. So I was talking with my agent about what I wanted to do next and said ‘I’m a bit fed up with always playing the sufferer and to always have to put myself in this state of despair’. It even happened that I sat there during shooting and thought ‘Here we go again, same old story, I’ll be completely desperate for the whole day’.

Welt am Sonntag: So you said ‘There’s an end of it, I’ll do something funny now’?
My publicist suggested meeting the guys of “Funny or die”: I knew them because I love Will Ferrell but I thought: You can hardly just go there and say ‘Bonjour, I’m a French actress and would like to work with you’. But my agent said: Yes, that’s exactly how it works. So two days later I was sitting in a conference room with 20 people writing sketches for me. That was really an absolute dream. Writers I adore telling me totally screwy, absurd stories. Then Will Ferrell came and we shook hands. I immediately hugged him. That’s how “Forehead Tittaes” came to be. It was brilliant. For me comedy is really hard work because it’s something I have little experience in.

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  1. Oh wow she’s a fan of Steve Carell! I’ve always seen her as someone who could pull off American comedies. I hope one day we get to see her act alongside Carell and Ferrell.

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