Marion in the Congo

As posted earlier, Marion Cotillard travelled to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the first week of June and Greenpeace realized a 7-episode documentary of her travels through the rainforests. Travelling by pirogue (a small wooden boat), she witnessed the destruction caused by logging first hand. Many of the episodes are now available with subtitles:

• Original French: Congo: Des forêts en sursis
• English Subtitles: The Congolese Rainforests: living on borrowed time
• German Subtitles: Marion Cotillard mit Greenpeace im Kongo
• Portuguese Subtitles: Congo: floresta ameaçada

Gallery: 371 The Congolese Rainforests: living on borrowed time (2010)
Video: 006 Documentaries > The Congolese Rainforests


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  1. 1)Tremendously Big-hearted and? extremely intelligent woman.

    2)Transcendant International Oscar-winning French actress.

    3)TRUE beauty who is dedicated to Life preservation with a radiant dignity.


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