More about the rumour of filming in Veracruz

You may remember that a while back we posted about the rumour of Marion Cotillard filming in Veracruz, Mexico. A new article in Imagen del Golfo from Wednesday is possibly revealing more about this.

A movie based on the French story ‘Marsupilami‘ will be acted, directed and produced by Alain Chabat and will be shot in the regions of Catemaco, San Andrés y Santiago Tuxtla, Xalapa, Coatepec, Xico and Jalcomulco. Marion is in talks to do that movie and it would be shot in October, November and the first week of December. The production company is Pixel Films and the movie has a budget of $6 million Euros.
• translated & summarized by Giovanna

Already set to star in this partially animated comic adaptation in addition to Alain Chabat is Lambert Wilson.


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