'Le dernier vol' Blu-ray Extras

Ever since ‘Le dernier vol‘ (The Last Flight) was released on DVD & Blu-ray I’ve been capping the movie on and off. I’m afraid I’m still not done but as a kind of preview I finished the screencaptures of the 2 lovely featurettes! There are some incredibly gorgeous shots of Marion – including the moments when she was playing with the children on set – as well as the desert among them so be sure to check them out! Stay tuned for the screencaptures of the actual movie.

296 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > Sur la route de Lancaster
074 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > La Réalisation
061 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > Trailer


6 Comments on “'Le dernier vol' Blu-ray Extras”

  1. Hey Mia, thanks for the screengrabs 😀 By the way I’ve been wanting to see the movie on DVD, where did you get your copy?

  2. You’re so great for doing this! Unfortunately I haven’t watched it yet and God knows when or if this movie will come to my country. Anyway, thanks for this, your site is fantastic.

  3. hi thank you so much for posting this pics…i’m wondering if you’ll upload the video??? i would love to see it ..thank you again…

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