'Inception' at the Box Office

Following its release on July 16 beginning with Thursday midnight screenings ‘Inception‘ is currently occupying #1 in the US, having grossed $62,785,337 in 3,792 theaters on its opening weekend (average $16,557 per theater). Up until now the movie has grossed $89,470,702 worldwide. This is quite the achievement for an non-sequel auteur action movie with a mysterious plot in the middle of blockbuster summer season! Congratulations!

Box Office Majoy mentions that it was the second highest-grossing debut ever for a sci-fi movie that wasn’t a sequel, remake or adaptation, behind Avatar’s $77 million. Inception’s initial attendance was also higher than similar titles like The Matrix and Minority Report. Also it was apparently the biggest opening of star Leonardo DiCaprio’s career – let alone Marion Cotillard’s even if she’s seen in a supporting role.

Continue to support ‘Inception‘ by seeing it in theaters – according to most critics as well as people who’ve seen it it will definitely be worth your time!

Thank you for not posting spoilers in the comments or in emails to me – ‘Inception‘ is not coming to theatres where I live until July 29.


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  1. marion was amazing in the movie! she was so TERRIBLY frightening, beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time. <33 kudos on a job well done! both to marion, leo, chris nolan, the rest of the cast, and everyone else who worked to put together such an amazing movie. i'll definitely go see it again.

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