Marion’s journey to Congo

news-2010-07-06At the beginning of June 2010 Marion Cotillard travelled together with Greenpeace to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo: Forests on probation is an impressive 7-part video diary of Marion’s stay there and documents the plundering of the Congolese forests. I am leaving on a short holiday so I don’t have the time to upload pictures but I encourage you to watch these videos.

I will catch up on all the ‘Inception‘ promotion and other Marion news once I’m back next week. And here’s a TV alert: She will be the guest on the Late Late Night Show with Craig Ferguson on the day of ‘Inception‘s LA premiere: July 13.


8 Comments on “Marion’s journey to Congo”

  1. Argh. I wish there were subtitles. Hopefully this is broadcast on TV at some point and translated into English!

  2. @Kelly ….there are two videos uploaded on youtube with an english subtitle >>> search MARION COTILLARD IN CONGO (hope this will help you) 🙂

  3. Can anyone identify the brand of hat Marion is wearing? There is a clear picture of the logo on episode 2 at 2:02. Any help would be very appreciated!

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