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A few hours ago, the press embargo on ‘Inception‘ was lifted and the reviews have been pouring in! And they’re absolutely raving! To get an overview – without getting spoilers – please visit Nolan Fans’ Review Post. Here some Marion quotes I found:

Marion Cotillard, who keeps surprising us with her versatility. She explodes off the screen here – like a vivid flame, flickering in and out.
– Awards Daily

And although she has less screen time than the rest of the cast, Cotillard shines as the film’s cloest thing to a femme fatale. She’s certainly better served here than she was in Public Enemies.

The actors certainly give it their all: Cotillard is a presence both sultry and menacing.
– Variety

A terrific Marion Cotillard
– Box Office Magazine

In Inception that loss of control – the scariest thing Nolan can imagine, it seems – is represented in the haunting beauty of Marion Cotillard.

There’s another very good comment about Marion from – but it’s a bit spoiler-ish so I’m putting it below the cut.

Cotillard spends the entire film as a ghost, an echo, a memory that manages to keep opening fresh wounds in Dom’s heart and his mind, and it’s agonizing work to watch. All of the film’s mysteries hinge on Cotillard’s character, and I’m amazed how uncomfortable she made me in the film. There’s no make-up on her, no special effects to make her frightening. It’s the emotional content of the sequences she’s in that left me deeply unsettled, and in a way, my one hesitation about the film is just how raw and difficult it is.


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