Daily Archive: July 6, 2010

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Marion’s journey to Congo

At the beginning of June 2010 Marion Cotillard travelled together with Greenpeace to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo: Forests on probation is an impressive 7-part video diary of Marion’s stay there and...

First 'Inception' Reviews 3

First 'Inception' Reviews

A few hours ago, the press embargo on ‘Inception‘ was lifted and the reviews have been pouring in! And they’re absolutely raving! To get an overview – without getting spoilers – please visit Nolan...

On the set of 'Midnight in Paris' 0

On the set of 'Midnight in Paris'

Today, in a small quiet street in a popular quarter of Paris, filming for Woody Allen’s new movie ‘Midnight in Paris‘ started in a Haussmannian-style building of which the windows were blocked with black...