Director confirms "Vivre c'est mieux que mourir"

Fabulous news! At the UK premiere of his movie ‘L’Arnacoeur‘ (Heartbreaker) director Pascal Chaumeil confirmed the casting of Romain Duris and Marion Cotillard in his upcoming comedy ‘Vivre c’est mieux que mourir‘.

What are you working on next? Do you have another project after this?
Yes. We have… probably… again, it’s a comedy, a bit different from Heartbreaker. And it’s, it would be with Romain, normally, he read the script, he likes it and normally it’s with Romain Duris and Marion Cotillard. It’s like an action, adventure comedy. A bit more crazy than L’Arnacoeur.

That sounds wonderful! What is the story about? You said it’s got lots of action and comedy.. is it…
Yeah, it’s difficult to tell the story. But in fact, there are two films in the same film. One is the story happening really in the real life where a guy is working in a hotel, he’s a very small guy in a hotel. And he gets into something, he steals some money from a client because he needs to do something. And then he finds the only place where he’s safe in this hotel is in a room where is a very big producer. And the guy, the producer thinks he’s a screenwriter that he’s waiting for. So he will have to invent a new film, and he’s never been a writer. So we are going from the real situation to the film he’s telling, the story. So, that’s something special, but I think it will be very funny.
Source: LeicesterSquareTV (watch video as of 5:46 minute)


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  1. Hi Mia,

    I don’t know if you have seen this video but the New York Times published a video on the best performance of the decade on its website. In this video you can see George Clooney praising Marion Cotillard’s performance in La vie en Rose!

    Keep on with your work it’s soo great !

  2. Hey there Aurore! I have seen that video too! It’s pretty old I guess but yeah Clooney mentioned her performance in La Vie en Rose! I was so happy to hear it. Clooney <3

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