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'Inception' Premiere in Los Angeles on July 13

The premiere for ‘Inception‘ will be held Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (source: Seeing Stars via Nadine).

FYI, extensive Cannes gallery & video updates coming tomorrow evening as real life and especially work keeps me very busy!

Marion on 'Le Grand Journal' today

Earlier today, Marion Cotillard was interviewed on Le Grand Journal. Exactly one year after her interview on the show during last year’s Cannes Festival and also exactly 3 months after her last appearance on the talk show. She looked absolutely adorable in her red dress. And I love her hair.

I don’t have time for a proper translation but here’s a – hopefully accurate – summary. She talked a bit about her character Marie in ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs‘ who’s generally full of rage apparently. She enjoyed filming a contemporary movie wearing jeans and swearing. Guillaume Canet is a great director and she enjoyed working together and had many beautiful moments with the whole cast who mostly are old friends of theirs. She evaded the question if Guillaume was being difficult at home during filming – à la Guido Contini in Nine – but said that the two things can be balanced.

She was equally evasive about her character in ‘Inception‘ but said that it is not “Cat Woman” – the character is very complex and enigmatic. She has many different sides to her. She shares with Christopher Nolan the love of seeing a movie without knowing anything about it in advance.

Coming to Cannes doesn’t feel like an obligation. There are things she’s obliged to do – like talk about ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs‘ – but they’re agreeable to do. And she didn’t sing Karaoke last night at the concert – contrary to what the people on the show thought. But apparently, Guillaume sang – during a time when Marion wasn’t there.

She confirms ‘Midnight in Paris‘ – she doesn’t share a scene with Carla Bruni – and ‘Contagion‘. She also grabs the opportunity to gush about Kate Winslet. However, she was very reluctant about ‘Cosmopolis‘ since she’s still in talks. (This makes sense as Variety reported she was “attached” to the movie – this means she hasn’t signed anything and having her name attached to the project will hopefully help get the project made.) Moreover, she hasn’t heard anything about ‘The Rivals‘ in a long time – its development has definitely been put on ice. Sadly, they didn’t ask her about ‘Second Coming‘.

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Chopard 150th Anniversary Party

As posted last night, Marion Cotillard attended the Chopard 150th Anniversary Party during the Cannes Film Festival. Either during or after the party she attended M‘s concert together with Guillaume Canet (source: Madame Figaro Blog). She looked glamourous & Rock’n’Roll in her metallic jumpsuit. I added some pictures to the gallery.

058 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival – Chopard 150th Anniversary Party

'Les Petits Mouchoirs' Clip

When Guillaume Canet was on Le Grand Journal earlier today (yesterday) he brought along 2 minutes of his upcoming movie ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs‘. It features Marion as a very fierce Marie in an unfortunate situation. The naughty boys are telling her to calm down but she just shouts that she IS calm! Guillaume is currently presenting a 10-minute Promo Reel at the film market. Let’s hope it gets picked up for foreign distribution so it’ll get released e.g in the US – and let’s hope for a trailer soon!

In other news, Marion & Guillaume were spotted by Madame Figaro‘s Marion Galy-Ramounot at the club “Heaven’s Floor by Albane” Sunday evening and by Gala outside their hotel on Monday. Earlier tonight Marion Cotillard was expected to attend Chopard’s 150th anniversary event according to The Globe and Mail. edit: some preview pictures here.

And Adrien Brody is joining the cast of ‘Midnight in Paris‘ according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Updates on Marion's Upcoming Movies

Steven Soderbergh’s all-star virus thriller ‘Contagion‘ – which starts filming in September – received a tentative theatrical release date: October 21, 2011. Not only that but it will also be in 3D. Source: Coming Soon

To promote ‘Cosmopolis‘ at the Cannes filmmarket a poster was put in Daily Variety. Let’s hope it will all come together for this project – I would really love to see Marion work with Colin Farrell and David Cronenberg.

Second Coming‘ – which also has Marion as an executive producer – was mentioned last Monday by Variety in an article about projects – among them ‘Second Coming‘ – having been awarded a French Tax Break.

A month ago Catalan newspaper El Punt reported that “a Hollywood film team with debut director Nenad Cicin-Sain and a cast of A-List actors – Mark Ruffalo, Marion Cotillard, Anjelica Huston and Thandie Newton – will come mid-May to shoot ‘Second Coming‘ in Barcelona and especially in Cadaqués. The works of Spanish artist Joan Mateu will be used in the film.” The article goes on to say how this makes the place more interesting and that Marion has a lead role in it. Apparently filming had to be postponed due to the Vulcanic erruption. Interestingly, they speculate that “the presence of Marion who is also executive producing, as well as the Weinstein brothers could make it possible that the film will be admitted to next year’s Cannes Film Festival”.

Many thanks Nadine and a huge thank you to Mel for her help with the translation!

I hope we will hear more about the status of ‘Second Coming‘ when Marion will be on Le Grand Journal this coming Tuesday.

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