Day: May 25, 2010

Marion Cotillard is 'The Shade'

On the new character posters for ‘Inception‘ each character received a title. Marion Cotillard is ‘The Shade’. Look at the other posters on Empire Online.

There’s apparently also a different version of Marion’s ‘The Shade’ poster around – according to this picture on Twitter (thanks Nadine for the heads up!).

The Japanese ‘Inception‘ trailer – as aired while Ken Watanabe gave an interview on Japanese TV – features an additional glimpse of Marion.

002 Inception – 2010 > Artwork (replaced #4 with HQ version)
004 Inception – 2010 > Trailer

'Second Coming' Officially in Pre-Production

The Playlist picked up on the listing of ‘Second Coming‘ in last week’s Production Weekly – which means the movie is now officially in pre-production. Not sure when it will shoot but let’s hope we’ll hear something specific soon. Intriguingly, Ethan Hawke is now also part of the cast!