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Steven Soderbergh’s all-star virus thriller ‘Contagion‘ – which starts filming in September – received a tentative theatrical release date: October 21, 2011. Not only that but it will also be in 3D. Source: Coming Soon

To promote ‘Cosmopolis‘ at the Cannes filmmarket a poster was put in Daily Variety. Let’s hope it will all come together for this project – I would really love to see Marion work with Colin Farrell and David Cronenberg.

Second Coming‘ – which also has Marion as an executive producer – was mentioned last Monday by Variety in an article about projects – among them ‘Second Coming‘ – having been awarded a French Tax Break.

A month ago Catalan newspaper El Punt reported that “a Hollywood film team with debut director Nenad Cicin-Sain and a cast of A-List actors – Mark Ruffalo, Marion Cotillard, Anjelica Huston and Thandie Newton – will come mid-May to shoot ‘Second Coming‘ in Barcelona and especially in Cadaqués. The works of Spanish artist Joan Mateu will be used in the film.” The article goes on to say how this makes the place more interesting and that Marion has a lead role in it. Apparently filming had to be postponed due to the Vulcanic erruption. Interestingly, they speculate that “the presence of Marion who is also executive producing, as well as the Weinstein brothers could make it possible that the film will be admitted to next year’s Cannes Film Festival”.

Many thanks Nadine and a huge thank you to Mel for her help with the translation!

I hope we will hear more about the status of ‘Second Coming‘ when Marion will be on Le Grand Journal this coming Tuesday.

001 Second Coming (2011) > Artwork
001 Cosmopolis (2011) > Artwork


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