'Lady Blue' Publicity

Added scans of recent magazine features about the new Lady Dior short movie by David Lynch. We learn that it was shot in just 2 days, that David Lynch admires Marion’s talent and professionalism as well as her beauty & style and that Marion thinks David is a genius.

Here’s an English article focusing on David Lynch’s involvement:

She has got that modern quality and old quality that I think the great ones have always.
– David Lynch about Marion Cotillard

David Lynch’s new film for Christian Dior, Financial Times, May 14

Marion also mentions her documentary project about de- and reforestation. She’s still writing it and meeting people to educate herself. Also her recent musical collaboration with Yodelice (I will update on that soon, if I get a moment) is the result of a long standing friendship. Whenever they used to get together they’d make music. Last but not least, she’s enjoying the current absence from the limelight as she’d been garnering a lot of attention lately.

004 L’Express Styles (France) – May 12, thank you Nadine!
002 Madame Figaro (France) – May 15
003 Vanity Fair (Italy) – May 19


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