Various Scans from 2010

Added loads of scans from 2010 magazine features about Marion Cotillard to the gallery. Many thanks to Elmira and Kelly for most of these.

One of the clippings is from a January Australian InStyle issue and their “20 Best Dressed Women of 2009” list where Marion came in on #2.

“Just dreamy. There’s something incredibly whimsical about her; unabashedly intelligent, yet feminine too.”
– Kerrie McCallum (In Style editor)

The full list was:

1. Diane Kruger 2. Marion Cotillard 3. Sienna Miller 4. Kate Winslet 5. Victoria Beckham 6. Rose Byrne 7. Angelina Jolie 8. Gwyneth Paltrow 9. Anne Hathaway 10. Chloe Sevigny 11. Kate Moss 12. Miranda Kerr 13. Blake Lively 14. Abbie Cornish 15. Camilla Belle 16. Dannii Minogue 17. Cate Blanchett 18. Carla Bruni 19. Scarlett Johansson 20. Sarah Jessica Parker (many thanks Kelly)

004 Harper’s Bazaar (Korea) – January
004 Nous deux (France) – May 11-17
022 Various Clippings


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